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Una Biblioteca virtual es un conjunto de enlaces a documentos, imágenes, bases de datos, software, etc., en otro lugar del ciberespacio a los que se puede acceder libremente por Internet, y cuya lista o relación son actualizados periódicamente.

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Introduction to Wastewater Systems, from Greater Vancouver Regional District.
A Guide to Wastewater Treatment, from Greater Vancouver Regional District.
Occupational Outlook, Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators US Dept. Labour.
About Household Sewage KAO Consumer Life Science Research Laboratory.
Managing Household Wastewater - self assessment, Mississippi State University.
Thomas Crapper: A Man, A Plan, A Commode!
The Great Toilet Paper Shortage by Steve Silverman.
The History of Plumbing
Fecal Matters (the poop on poop)
Management of Residential Wastewater Systems North Carolina State University.
Swimming in Sewage Contaminated Waters Farnborough College of Technology, UK.
Plumbing Poetry Nice & Easy Multimedia Pty Ltd.
Water Works! by Environment Canada.
Sewers of London Part 1 , Part 2 and Part 3 Historical tour, by Mary Gayman.
History of Melbourne sewage system South East Water, Vic, Australia.
Paris: Urban Sanitation before the 20th century by Frederique Krupa.
Ancient Wastewater Treatment by Erik Schiff.
Glossary of Water Analysis Terms Water Quality Association.
Glossary of Water Resource Terms, by Gregg A. Eckhardt.
Glossary of Environmental Terms NTTC.

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